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Our agency strives to provide the highest level of sales success, sales professionalism, and sales management to the factories that we represent and the customers that we work with on behalf of the factories that we represent.  We have an experienced team of sales professionals that work in a field that we are passionate about.  It is our goal to strive to achieve the very best for our customers with the job that we do and the effort we put forth toward their successes.  My team consists of 14 sales professionals as well as a team of pro-staff numbering in the 100s that help to represent our products, provide training for our customers and maximize the sales of the product that we represent.


For over 60 years and 3 generations, Sokol Associates has been working in the field of Professional Sales Representation; our role is ever changing and evolving.  To cope with that, we have all of the modern day tools and wherewithal to continue this successful model today and in the future business environment.


We thank you for your interest and any questions or inquiries for service can be directed to our agency via the Contact us page on this site.


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Jon P. Sokol


We have represented many quality
lines over the last 60 years.
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Over 25 awards for agency of the year.